Carnival of the Cultures

Its a legendary Berlin Street Festival taking place every year for 4 days, this year between 22nd-25th of May 2015. There is music, street food and lots of different things going on all around the district Kreuzberg. But the showdown is Sunday where a great street parade is held. Along the route are U-Bahnn stations Südstern, Gneisenaustraße and Mehringdamm.
And the best: it’s free. The only thing you have to pay for are the caipirinhas and mojitos along the way . After a long day of Berlin partying you can relax your feed at Hostel die Etage East. So book a bed/room and get the cultural party started . 

Who needs New York Burgers if you can have Berlin Burgers??

I know people always dream of those huge American Style Burgers but I have to say Berlin is on it! There are literally Burger Maps - underground maps showing names of burger places instead of the name of the stop. So you can see how crazy we are about burgers. It’s really hard to figure out the best, they are all over the city. No matter if you wanna go for the classy version, an asian influenced one or the Mexican kind - you will find it. 
Even music lovers will get satisfied, depending on what Genre you love check out White Trash Fast Food for a rocking burger experience or try Burgers and Hip Hop  if that’s more your style - but careful, don’t “drop it like it’s hot”!;)
…and if you’re full and tired afterwards, it’s better to provide for your accommodation with us at Hostel die Etage East. Can’t wait to have you .

Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee

Are you a coffee lover but heard so much about that weird german beverage apparently being coffee? Well I know we germans don’t really have a clue when it comes to making great coffee but thanks to all the different influences mixing up in Berlin, we are now on a great way to develop a good coffee culture. 
There are lot’s of Australians and Kiwis as well as Italians around that really know what to do with these beans. So if you’re strolling through the streets on sunday after a big night out and you’re craving for a great coffee, don’t worry places like “Bonanza Coffee Heroes”, “5 Elephants” or “The Barn” will put a smile on your face.
Well all you have to do is book a bed/private room at Hostel die Etage East and we will give you some insider tips on where to get beautiful coffee and brunch.

Do you know Alice in Wonderland?

Ever since I was a child I wondered why Alice would just blindly follow that White Rabbit around although she wouldn’t know where exactly it would take her or if she’d even like it. -But I guess it’s pretty exciting. So if you wanna try that some time you should come to Berlin cause there is this new SMS service, also called White Rabbit. You can send a text and ask any question about Berlin and will receive a personalized response with great insider tips of real Berliners! Well isn’t that a service? No matter if you’re searching for a Tapas Bar, a cool club or a Rock’n’Roll concert, you won’t regret following the White Rabbit!
So come to Berlin, stay with us at Hostel die Etage East and discover the city like a pro!

Did someone say Open Air?

Looking out of the window I can see it coming: Spring is finally here so summer can’t be far. 

Every Berliner has “ants in their pants” cause we can’t wait for it! Luckily the Open Air season kicked off this weekend (26th April) so we could get a taste of how the next 4 month will look like: Trying to get through the working week and awaiting the weekend to finally put some shorts on, dance away and enjoy a drink with friends in the sun. Don’t worry about finding the Open Airs and Street Festivals, they are popping up everywhere once the sun comes out. The variety is huge: From acoustic over hiphop to electronic music combined with any kind of crazy dress up theme or simply glitter and confetti. So get ready for all the fun.

Everyone knows it: Berlin summers are just the best! You should definitely not miss it, book a bed at Hostel die Etage East and experience why we all love Berlin summers so much!

Neue Heimat - street food and funky tunes guaranteed.

The district around Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain is famous for its party scene, bars and food places. New ones are popping up all the time. The RAW compound is a part of that and obviously that’s a perfect are a for a new bar. But Neue Heimat is different. It unites great street food, delicious drinks and cool music. And the location speaks for itself, it couldn’t be more Berlin! If you like a smokey Jazz jam session, electronic music or a relaxed Sunday market - Neue Heimat is flexible. Check it out and see what’s on, it’s worth a visit. So is our Hostel die Etage East. Book a room or bed and start discovering! By the way: sunshine’s in town so don’t wait to long for a visit ;)