Berlin’s little Asia at Preußenpark in Charlottenburg

…if you think Berlin is just for Schnitzel and Currywurst you’re wrong my friend! 
You can feel the summer is on it’s way. Everyone is dreaming of hanging out in Berlin’s many parks. May it be the famous Mauerpark, the Viktoria Park, Volkspark Friedrichshain or Görlitzer Park. But now there is a whole new level of park experience coming up. Forget Chinatown we’ve got Thai Park, Preußenpark’s exotic picnic on Saturdays and Sundays. So pack a blanket and some drinks and enjoy great weather, tasty food and fun Thai company! 
Yes, we got it all! So come, book a bed with us and taste our delicious Asian bites! You won’t regret it.

Berlin for free

Travelling and Sightseeing does not need to be expensive. And in Berlin you can do and see so much, without paying any pennnnny..So what? For example: There is a museum called Topography of the terror which is for free, relaxing in the park for free, making a picture infront of the Brandenburg Gate for free. Döner Kebab at Mustafa for 4

Alternative Tour in Berlin

It is your 3rd city in one week? Uff..that is hardcore Mr. Backpacker. So I guess you made all the classical Free Walking Tours? You want to see something else. Than you should check out the Alternative Tour in Berlin. Symphatique Berlin people show you the part of the city, which is beside all the Sight Seeing Spots. Beautiful graffity, art and things real Berliner love so much. Starting everday 11 am at Alexanderplatz/Starbucks. Ai.


 Welcome to Berlin Dude. We have one of the biggest Malls in Germany, called Alexa in the middle of the Heart of Berlin: The Alexanderplatz. Lots of shops. So much shops. TOOOOO much shops. By the way: the oldest Mall in Berlin is the KaDeWe, lovely called: Mall of the West. Christmastime there is ahhhmazing.

Overkill in Kreuzberg

You love Sneakers? I love them so much, that I could buy them everyday. If you want to know the best shops in Berlin for the trendy shoes, you should def have a look at Overkill in Kreuzberg. People who loving shoes are selling to people who need them shoes so much. Much nicer than a mall.

Jewish Museum

Time is moving so fast. But we should take care to remember the History. The good and the bad Times. Bad Times we all mostly think the same about the 2nd World War. Here in Berlin you can almost touch the history. One of the nicest Museums is the jewish Museum, which is taking care, that you never forget. You should have a look.